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December 29, 2011
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The adventurers of the Zone. by GraphiteSTALKER The adventurers of the Zone. by GraphiteSTALKER
To celebrate the beginning of the 25th chapter for my S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fanfic "L.O.S.T.", I decided to draw the company of the main characters, and to give a little insight about their personalities as well! :la:

(from left)

Name: Nighthawk
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Alias/real name: N/A (due to spoiler alarm)
Faction: Mercenary
Body height: 1,83 m
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Black
Noticeable features: A scar over her right eye, the number "13" tattooed on the right side of her neck.
Description: Not only Nighthawk is a female fighter in the Exclusion Zone, but the first female fighter in the Zone, who has received the rank of Commander in a Mercenary unit. Deadly, skilled not only in squeezing the trigger, but also in a few hand-to-hand combat techniques, Nighthawk is truly a strong ally for the ones that respect her, and a walking terror for her foes. However, Nighthawk's blood-stained business of dealing death, as well as her habit of using strong antidepressants to cope up with the amount of killed people, has robbed the girl from any caring, affectionate or plain friendly displays of emotion. She really hates people that can't do anything on their own, but, when it comes to those few perverted men, who tend to roam the Exclusion Zone, any attempt to violate the Mercenary warrior always ends up with a macabre vivisection by Nighthawk's ballistic knife. Came to the Zone in search for her boyfriend, only to realise that the three years spent in the search were in vain. Nighthawk tends to sometimes put her own allies in a risk of getting killed by her killing spree, but she won't let anything slow her down.
Weapons: A custom Mossberg 590 shotgun with a bayonet holder, a ballistic Spesnaz knife (a troophy from a killed "STRELA" operative) that can be used as a shotgun's bayonet, and a H&K HK45 .45 calibre magnum sidearm, nicknamed "Close Friend"/"близкий друг"
Theme song: 5FDP - Bad Company [link]

Name: Edward Semyonovich Udachniy
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Alias/Real name: Edik Luckless
Faction: Bandit/Loner
Body height: 1,88 m
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Brown
Noticeable features: Dark circles under the eyes, hair is always messy, a scar on the right cheek from a gun misfire accident.
Description: Despite the fact that Edik looks like a bandit, he is not really the most noticeable member in the Zone's criminal community. Having the overall luck potential of a complete zero, Edik tries to forget about his sad past, his girlfriend that was murdered by his stepfather, as well as the murder of his biological father in 1992 with excessive drinking and smoking. Although mocked, hazed. made fun of and used as a doormat by other stalkers from all factions, Edik still has kept his kind heart and faith in living, which is why wild animals and mutants tend to leave him alone, and sometimes even offer their help. Came to the Exclusion Zone in search for a better life, easier ways to get rich and to finally forget about his gloomy past.
Weapons: A broken "Viper 5" submachine gun, which he always keeps as some sort of a charm.
Theme song: Tracktor Bowling - Шрамы (Scars) [link]

Name: Carbon
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Alias/Real name: Unknown
Faction: Loner
Body height: 1,86 m
Eye colour: Light blue
Hair colour: Pale brown
Noticeable features: Moustache and a slight beard.
Description: Just your everyday driver and guide in the Exclusion Zone. Since Carbon couldn't deal with taking away lives for a living, he used all the three years of his presence in the Zone to master driving various ground vehicles, and now driving is the thing he does for his daily bread and butter. Carbon is very concerned about his performance at the steering wheel, so he neither drinks nor smokes, and fights the radiation sickness with anti-radiation medicine. He's kind and friendly, but in situations with an increased danger factor, Carbon is quite a "fraidy cat" - in such times, the driver tends to stress out, and make inappropriate decisions, thus putting others in risk. A rumor is that Carbon suffers from AvPD, which could explain the driver's quiet nature, keeping to himself and excessive reconsideration about the next route asked, but noone is ever dissatisfied about Carbon's driving skills. Came to the Exclusion Zone as a resort from the routine and boredom of the regular life of a student.
Weapons: None, since Carbon isn't the type, who could shoot another living being in cold blood. (carries a simple pocket knife as a tool)
Theme song: Chris Rea - Road to Hell [link]

Name: Wolfshade
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Alias/Real name: Evgeniy Vyacheslav Volkov
Faction: Loner
Body height: 1,86 m
Eye colour: Gray
Hair colour: Dirty blond (his haircut is always short)
Noticeable features: A triple scar over his left cheek from a pseudodog attack.
Description: An experienced loner stalker fighter, one of many. And yet, Wolfshade's hotheaded character is the reason behind many desperate actions taken - from establishing a good protective Loner force at the Cordon camp from rookies, drunkards and daredevils to going on an almost impossible mission of bringing back home Edik Luckless. This loner also tends to smoke - more for the "badass" style, than anything, but Wolfshade is not all talk and no walk - during one stalker raid on the warehouses of "STRELA", Wolfshade was able to save two rookie stalkers from their certain deaths in the hands of the Field Captain General Kozhezub. A very experienced mutant hunter, Wolfshade likes to test his skills of operating his AK-2KM rifle on an occasional passing-by blind dog. He has nobody behind the borders of Exclusion Zone that cares about him, so the Zone is Wolfshade's real home. Came to the Exclusion Zone in search of his own purpose, the meaning of his life.
Weapons: AK-2KM automatic rifle, Fort-12 sidearm, KA-BAR trench knife.
Theme song: Firelake - Against The Ionized Odds [link]
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Nice ! Definetely a favourite ! I like how everyone of the characters turned out.
GraphiteSTALKER Apr 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! This is a bit older drawing (note the date of creation), but I'm really glad that you like it. :icongladplz:
GraphiteSTALKER Jan 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! :hug: I could try drawing Nighthawk in a sexy pose, but I'm not really sure, how it will turn out - she's a remorseless killing machine by her looks and description! :|
hummmm yeah true then how bout a bad ass pose lik ima kick ur ass kinda pose tht would be kool
GraphiteSTALKER Jan 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That sounds nice, I'll get cracking on it tomorrow, as it is like midnight at my place. And I also have a sore throat - dang, still two days left from my school holidays, and I'm ill already! Must be some sort of a "school time nearness indicator" - the less holidays I have, the more ill I feel. :iconsweatplz:
awwwww im sorry hugs i hope u feel better i cant wait to c the pic is gonna be awesome
GraphiteSTALKER Jan 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well...[link] :|
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